When our agency was asked to create the branding for Whiskey Alley, we were excited to play a part in the revitalization of Downtown Louisville. Whiskey Alley, the alley beside Whiskey Row, is looking to be the next cultural & entertainment hub for Louisville. Our goal was to build a brand identity that creates an inviting, energetic atmosphere, showing that Whiskey Alley is the place to be in Downtown Louisville. The logo offers visitors a glimpse into what they can expect when visiting Whiskey Alley; a culturally rich, diverse Louisville experience that is inviting for anyone and everyone. 


After we nailed down the essence of the logo & the brand’s icon, we started to hammer away at all the important details that brought the brand to life. The brand’s color palette was one of our most important considerations. Whiskey Alley needed a color palette that was bold and attention grabbing, but also as energetic and inviting as Downtown Louisville.