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Digital Marketing has always been viewed as a coin flip when it comes to digital spend. However, we believe, digital marketing is the future – if you do it right. 



J Wagner Group was introduced to MagnaWave PEMF after they were spending $60,000 a month in ad spend in all channels without receiving matching results from a prior agency. In the beginning, we were asked to show ROI value on a $5,000 a month digital ad spend solely in Programmatic Display Advertising. In our first quarter of doing business with MagnaWave PEMF, their sales numbers were consistently hovering between $225K-$275K. After our first month of digital ad spend, sales grew to $300K with steady growth.

Within the first 3 months of strong performance, MagnaWave PEMF trusted our team to take over their entire digital infrastructure. Here is an example of what their average sales performance for 2020 looked like:

All Sales

As we continued to digitize the business and assist in its growth through strong social media ads, programmatic display, and a ROI driven PPC strategy, the last quarter for 2021 looked like this:

The results/success of our digital campaigns are black and white. Nothing makes our team of data scientists and digital commerce experts happier than when a digital ecosystem comes together for a quality product people want and need. We specialize on introducing products and business to the world in a light which they would have never been seen.  What makes our team special is we are willing to work with your brand to do the same, but only if it meets our core values: Quality, Transparency, and Commitment to Driving Success through Results. We promise to do this for every client we work with, connect with us and we can show you how it could work for you.




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